Client Based Solution Support
If you have client based support you will be supplied with information on directly contacting your Project Manager for updates on current and future contractual terms. Please keep in mind service contracts vary greatly, and some services offered, may not be the services provided. This is due to many issues, which may not be included in your contract.

If you are unable to supply the requested information to confirm your contract support, you may be able to retrieve this information by contacting customer support via the email form provided on this site. We typically contact you with 24 hours to seek a resolution to you issue.

Hardware Support
Hardware support is always negotiated or sold with the purchase of a contract or product. You will be supplied with support details at the time of purchase. Please refer to these direct means of support to resolve you issue. If you are unable to accomplish this task with the provided information, please contact us via the General Software Support portal. However, keep in mind, you will be subject to the response times provided by those services. If you are interested in the the creation of firmware, hardware, PCBs, or other electronic services, please contact use at and we will get in touch with you to further discuss any proposal.

This contact form is for contacting customer support concerning an issue you do not have priority support for. This can include general bug reporting, to feedback from free applications available from multiple resources. Please fill out the form below, typical response times range from 48-72 hours. All Fields are required.

This contact form is for contacting customer support concerning an issue you have priority support for. Priority support is either a contracted term, or a purchased service, depending on the product. Users of this form are required to supply a priority customer support number that was given to them upon purchase. Requests without a valid support number will be ignored. Typical response times may be negotiated, however 24 hours tends to be the usual response time.