Nexwerx Systems has world class services available to our clients. We have teamed with both small and large enterprises to forward their business visions. We work hand in hand with our clients to produce solutions that save money, save time, and make your business better. Turn your not-so-digital business into a technological powerhouse with solutions from Nexwerx Systems. If you have an idea, need, or want, just contact us so we can look into making something out of an idea.

Nexwerx has experience with taking your current form and filing systems and turning them into fully searchable, transformable, and useful databases. Put this data at the tip of your fingers and find the insights into what your customers want, what your business needs, and invest in your business of tomorrow. Nexwerx prides itself in the creation of custom solutions, from sorting, imaging, inventory, and some much more. Put us to the test, not only will you be thrilled with the quality of the products we deliver, but with the unbeatable pricing. Our goal is for every project to pay for itself.

Custom Software
Nexwerx offers the creation of custom software solutions. We can take your concept and bring it to reality while working hand in hand with our clients. If your business needs better than what you can get off the shelf, what can you do? The answer is contact Nexwerx Systems so we can make the tool for you. Don't hesitate to let us know what you need. You may find we are not only capable of creating the solution you need, but we can do it for the right price. Our mantra is to make a project pay for itself, put tomorrow in your future with an upgrade from Nexwerx Systems.
Server Administration
Server Administration can be one the most frustrating aspects of running your own systems. Let Nexwerx administer your servers, either remotely into your current infrastructure, or let us setup and run the server for you. We have experience in working with Linux/Unix based systems including Apache, as well Windows bases systems like Windows Server, IIS, and SharePoint. Take the hassle out of working with your technology systems, and put Nexwerx Systems to work for you.
Mobile Apps
Nexwerx is experienced in the mobile app market. We have created applications for our clients, and we are personally represented on Google Play with offerings of our own. We have the ability to create applications to run on Android OS systems, giving you access to millions of users, and the most current technologies, all on mobile platforms. In addition, we can take your website directly to Android with HTML5 transfers, creating a single entry point for use in mobile applications.
Hardware Products
Nexwerx Systems has experience in creating tangible hardware products for the private and consumer markets. We are able to design, build, and test electronic circuits for use in manufacturing, farming, inventory management, and more. From sorting machines, weight systems, monitors, and displays, Nexwerx is able to create and deliver high quality products to keep your business going. Contact us today and let us know what you are looking for.
Web Services
Nexwerx offers the creation, deployment, and administration of web services. Let Nexwerx bring your application, data, and services to the world with internet based systems allowing for world wide communication and use. Whether you need RESTful services for data acquisition and reporting, or big data interactions, with incorporation of your databasing technologies. Let Nexwerx put the cloud to work for you, and make your business available to anyone online, anywhere, anytime.
Contract Work
Nexwerx is able to put together contract workforces and solutions for our clients. Whether you need people to temporarily fill the workload, or if you need full-time services like chat, email, and phone based customer service. Let Nexwerx do the leg work on your next spike in work. We can take on the load so you can focus on your business.