Jukevox Virtual DJ and MP3 Player
Jukevox Virtual DJ
Music & Audio

Jukevox Media Player from Nexwerx Systems brings a little flare to that dull playlist, and it brings a little nostalgia back to the smartphone. Jukevox loads music from your specified location as a playlist. Jukevox will read the media and attempt to determine the title and artist of the audio. Jukevox then uses this information to let our Virtual DJ announce your current and upcoming song. This app is not a streaming service, and requires MP3 files on your device to operate. Use the Music Location option in settings to point to the music files on your device.

Let Jukevox liven up your music by adding a true radio station experience to your entertainment. Jukevox is perfect for those impromptu parties, and family get-togethers. Just connect up your favorite Bluetooth speakers, or even your car stereo system, and let Jukevox do the rest.

Jukevox gives you all the features you might expect, like continuous playback, and shuffled lists, all while serving up your music, in your way. Turn on great visuals to accompany your tunes, and the entertainment never ends. With Jukevox you have the lights, the MC, and the band, all in the palm of your hand.


When you first install the app will look in your SDCARD Music folder. If this isn't where your music is located, go to settings, and navigate to your music folder. Other locations on your device would typically be located in the storage folder. Once you have a list of music to choose from, tap on your song, and your music should begin. The DJ uses the system volume to communicate. This volume is independent of the music volume and needs to be turned up in order to hear song announcements.