Nexwerx Systems is a small mid-western technology firm with decades of experience in solution creation and enterprise level software applications. We have worked in manufacturing, health, and service industries, as well as created machines, administered servers, and deployed technology across the world. From websites, desktop or console applications, and daemon services, to mobile apps, html5 capable interfaces, javascript, and cloud services, Nexwerx has the ability to conceptualize, create, and deploy efficient, useful, and cost saving systems in any environment you can offer.

If your business needs to move from paper to digital, we can research your process and build it virtually. From there you can begin to control your assets in ways that allow you do your job better, and when you do your job better, you can grow your business, and increase revenue. Every job we do comes with the mantra of paying for itself. If not in savings over the use of the system, then in real world returns like increased sales, higher output, and increased quality.

If you are unsure you need a technology firm by your side, then look at your daily operations. Most small and medium businesses don't have full time developers, it just isn't cost effective. But you can keep them on call with Nexwerx Systems. The next time you find that paper just isn't adequate, or just one small tweak would make all the difference. We can usually estimate the work required to accomplish your task, and you may find it more affordable than you think. As they say, it takes money to make money, the real key is to see that money come back to you, and when you work with Nexwerx Systems, we always deliver with interest.