Nexwerx Systems is dedicated to providing quality software to support both business and life. Nexwerx Systems provides off the shelf solutions with applications running in Server, Windows, and Mobile environments. We also offer custom technology for business; from inventory management, embedded firmware, property management, and PC administration. If we don't have the software you need, we will create it. Simply contact us with your project needs. We are confidential, cordial, and ready to offer the answers you may need to get the job done. Thank you for visiting our online portal. Please take a look around at our products and services. If you have an questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you have any issues with bugs, or compatibility, please let us know. We work to ensure our products are the best quality, and made for your digital world.

Featured Products:
Jukevox Virtual DJ and MP3 Player
Play your music your way with our Android Virtual DJ and MP3 Player. Jukevox plays your music, announcing the currently playing song, and the next one coming up. Jukevox adds it's own flare to give you a modern radio experience in the palm of your hand. Take a look at what Jukevox has to offer.
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Nexwerx offers top of the line services that can put your business over the top. Nexwerx has a proven track record of taking business concepts and deploying solutions that increase efficiency, decrease labor, and most of all, offer real effects on your bottom line.

Nexwerx can take your paper business digital, decrease workloads with contract inshoring, or we can create custom software and equipment for your business needs.

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Nexwerx has world class customer support, including on-site technology installations, phone, and email communications for all your IT needs. Nexwerx gives support for all of it's current version products, as well as contract client services, and some third party technologies. If you are in need immediate support please contact your Project Manager for direct system support. For other inquiries, please check our online resources for answers to basic installation, usage, and troubleshooting information.